Halloween 2014: Simple and Sexy DIY Costume Ideas

ID-10088483I know that it’s only September, but Halloween is around the corner. It’s my favorite holiday ever, so I’m excited to write about. It’s the one night out of the year that you get to become someone else. The fun part is playing dress up.

Of course, you still want to look good at the Halloween party or costume contest. The hard part is figuring how to be sexy but creative at the same time. Some of these DIY costume ideas are simple and cheap to figure out. You’ll only need something from the costume store to pull your look together. You can put the rest of your costume together from your closet.

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Proactiv Plus vs Proactiv Original: Why I’m Still a Believer


I recently purchased Proactiv Plus. It was good timing since I ran out of the Proactiv Original three-step system. What’s the difference between the two? Proactiv Plus is still a three-step system, but it has an exfoliating cleanser, targeting treatment, and moisturizer. This newer system minimizes pores, reduces redness and irritation, diminishes post-acne marks and scars, hydrates and softens skin, and enhances the overall appearance of your skin.

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The Free People iPhone App – Every Bohemian Fashionista’s Dream App


The essence of Bohemian fashion is in establishing one’s individuality, and being “nomadic, spirited and non-bourgeois”, and as such, it’s attracted a large portion of today’s youth. But while the many who follow the Bohemian lifestyle will be adamant about not being part of convention, it’s no secret that many of them still use the internet and their phones to stay up to date on the latest of Bohemian fashion and culture.

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Hot Designs Nail Art Pens: Does It Work?

5952C-FA-HotDesigns-BasicBeauty r1Everyone has been showing off their colorful designs at BBQs, pool parties, and beaches this summer. For creative and easy DIY mani/pedi designs to match, new Hot Designs dual-sided nail art pens are the perfect tool! I was fortunate enough to receive and review these nail pens.

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Cutler/Redken Stylist Jenny Balding’s Takes on the Classic Ponytail Style


Everyone loves a ponytail sine it’s a classic style for women of all ages.  We see them everywhere – from work to play, runways to red carpets. The ponytail is here to stay. Cutler/Redken Stylist Jenny Balding provides ponytail how-to’s on a few of her favorites so your readers can update their ponytail style:

“Ponytails are a staple whether your hair is shorter or really long, there is a look for everyone one.”

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BeGood Eco Friendly Clothing Company Launches


BeGood launched to a captivated audience of 15,000 social/email followers on June 3rd. The clothing line officially launched with large press coverage on June 10th.

BeGood’s pre-launch landing page has been shared 3,000 times in just a few weeks. BeGood is the first direct-to-consumer eco friendly clothing company ever. Armed with a group of fashion and tech specialists (many of them, alums of Gap Inc), BeGood promises to be not only one of the biggest fashion stories of the year, but a leader in the seismic shift to healthy apparel.

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Greenlineby K Introduces New Line of Basics on EcoRookie.com


Check out GreenLine by K’s new collection of BASICS on ecorookie.com! They’ll be adding new pieces of BASIC everyday goodness each month.

Their new piece for this month is the Wide Legged Drawstring Pants. This 2-in-1 pant is a yoga pant as well as a drawstring capri pant.

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