Guest Post: How to Look Fabulous at Your Christmas Party


The Christmas season is officially here, and many of us have already started planning our Christmas parties. Regardless of what kind of party you, your friends, or your colleagues will organise, you will surely want to look your best. There are many ways to look fabulous on your Christmas party, and all of these ways are highlighted below.

It’s All About the Hair

The main principle to follow when it comes to your hairstyle is to go for one that suits both your face and your outfit. Here are some easy party hairdo options that will surely give you a dazzling look.


The bun is a classic hairdo which, when done well, can make you look glamorous. Give your hair some waves when going for this do for more texture and volume. Also, make sure that you wet and blow-dry so it stays in place the entire party. Enhance the look of the bun by adding hair clips or a tiara.


The ponytail may be considered as a ‘safe’ choice of party hairstyle, as it can be done in minutes, but it is still a fabulous hairstyle. You can enhance this do by wrapping a smaller portion of hair around a headband for a classic look. Another method is by plaiting the said section before you wrap it around, and if you are going for this method of enhancing your ponytail, make sure to use a bobby pin to keep it in place. Ponytails are a great hairdo for showing your neckline and face.

  Soft waves

Want a glamorous but laid-back look? Go with soft waves. A great thing about waves is that these are perfect for any function and go well with almost all outfits, but are more suited for strapless dresses. Waves can also be done in two or three days before the party.


If you are fine with your hair down, you can go for a straight do. If your hair is normally wavy, you can have it done straight using a hair straightener. Just make sure to spray protective spray to your hair before running the straightener through it. For those who have straight hair, all you have to do is to brush it properly with a comb or hair brush.

Big Hair Do

Christmas parties are perfect for showing off your big hair do. This style is best for those with healthy hair, so make sure to have your hair assessed by hairdressers first. Once it is known that your hair is suited for this do, get a headband to keep your hair from your face and accentuate the do better. Keep in mind that this works best on darker hair.

If appropriate or if you want your hair to look thicker, you can use hair extensions. Check out this resource for information on the different types of hair extensions you can use:

What to wear?

When it comes to the things you should wear (usually gowns or cocktail dresses), remember the following rules:

  1. Consider your centre piece garment as a Christmas tree without decors. It has to look really good on its own, but can look better with the right accessories.
  1. Accessories need to be strategically placed. Placing too many accessories in many different parts of your body makes you look like a Christmas tree or a jewellery stand. Instead of putting too many accessories, just give those in the party a focal point, like your hand or face.
  1. Comfort must be taken into consideration. Being comfortable in your getup means more fun for you during the party.
  1. If you will be buying a new dress, get something that you can wear for another occasion. If you have to use it for a different occasion, then wear a different set of accessories with it.

Don’t Forget the Make-up!

Many make-up tips surface across various media during the Christmas season, causing a lot of money to be spent in addition to confusion. Thus, you should only go for what worked for you in the past. However, if you still have no idea of what works for you, here are some tips to help you.

  1. Moisturise the face
  2. Put cream intended for pre-application to soothe skin and blot excess oil.
  3. Cover up acne and blemishes by applying concealer.
  4. Even out the redness on your face by applying foundation. Apply gently using a sponge to give the face a creamy and flawless appearance.
  5. Apply eye shadow to your eyes. Choose three eye shadow colours: light, medium, and dark. To make a blended look, apply dark eye shadow above the top lashes thinly. Then apply medium eye shadow in the middle portion, making sure to touch the dark part a little. Apply the light-coloured eye shadow under your eyebrows to give the eyes a nice hue.
  6. Get a cake liner that has a thin brush and line your lower eyelid. There is no need to line your entire lower eyelid, but make sure to apply it all the way across your upper eyelid.
  7. Have some mascara applied to lower and upper lashes. To avoid clumps, apply it in two thin coats. If you have dark hair, brown or black mascara will definitely do. Fair hair? Then use brown-coloured mascara. As much as possible, avoid bright-coloured mascara, as you will be dressing up for Halloween.
  8. Smile, then put some amount of rouge to the thick part of your cheeks. Apply gently to prevent it from looking obvious. Brush in small circles, making sure to avoid going too bright.
  9. Apply lipstick, one that is suited to the colour of your skin. Apply to upper and lower lips lightly, then clamp your lips together to achieve an even look. Feel free to mix colours and textures.
  10. Line your lips thinly.

By following these tips, you will be a head-turner in the Christmas party. However, the look won’t be complete without your most beautiful smile, so don’t forget to wear one!

Kylie Jenner Hair Tutorial: How to Wear Clip-In Hair Extensions


Kylie Jenner has become very popular thanks to her selfies on Instagram. Now every other girl wants to know how to look like her. Many have tried to find a Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial on YouTube, but have failed. But maybe you don’t want her large lips. Maybe you want to know how to wear hair extensions like she often does. With extensions, you can change the color and style of your hair without any commitment.

First, you should create a base for your hair extensions. You want something to give them some grip so they don’t fall out of your head. Use a hair spray that has medium- to strong-hold. Also, use a comb to tease the area where you’ll apply the clips to your hair.

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Tired of Split Ends? Try VO5’s Split Ends Anti-Breakage Shampoo and Conditioner

Split Ends Treatment ShampooSplit Ends Treatment Conditioner

One of the most common problems that most women suffer from is split ends, and it will only get worse as we head into a cooler, drier season. Regular haircuts and leave-in conditioners can help to repair and restore your hair back to health, but it’s also important to protect your hair from heat products and daily styling.

That’s where VO5’s Split Ends Anti-Breakage Shampoo and Conditioner comes in. These products are infused with five essential and Panthenol to protect your hair against split ends and breakage. They also help treat color-treated hair look more vibrant than ever.

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Some of Taylor Swift’s fans are rejoicing today. Maybe it’s because new album “1989” has finally leaked, according to USA Today. This 80s-inspired pop album is less about her personal life and more about her infamous relationship with One Direction’s Harry Styles. It also caused a war between her devoted Taylor Nation fans who attended her “secret sessions” and Swifties who are just dying to listen to the album.

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Bourgeois Boheme: Introducing the New Season Boot with Animal Instincts

Large Logo Origional

BBK-9 (1)

London-based vegan footwear brand Bourgeois Boheme has teamed up with charity K-9 Angels to create the new season’s must-have boot BBK-9. This boot launched at a glamorous event at Beaufort House in London’s Chelsea on Thursday October 16.

The exclusive British design is perfectly on-trend for Autumn/Winter, with riding boots back in style again. It has a Seventies-inspired knee-high silhouette and is handcrafted in opulent, animal-friendly materials.

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