10 Tips to Glam Up your Apartment on the Cheap

10 Tips to Glam Up Your Apartment on the Cheap

The holidays are right around the corner, which means you’ll be spending lots of quality time inside with friends and family – are you and your apartment ready? Interior design expert and founder of dinette.com, Michael Craig, shares 10 budget-friendly tips on how to glam-up your apartment without draining your wallet.

1.  Less is More. Take away unnecessary items that distract the eye from the Main Event.  De-clutter.  

2.  Jazzy pillows. Add some to spice up your boring sofa.

3.  Orchids. Orchids always add class to any apartment – make sure to water accordingly and watch them spread cheer.

4.  Add a shiny bowl to your tabletop – nuts look great in a glitzy silver bowl.

5.  Put a runner on your tabletop.  Not only does it protect, but it adds charm and style.

6.  Candles.  Adding the opportunity for a romantic moment is always classy.  Go easy on the scent!

7.  Edit your framed pictures – too much is too much!

8.  Live Plants. Putting a live plant in your home is never wrong – but proportional size is key.  

9. Rugs and runners.  Add a runner or rug to give warmth to your space.  

10.  Dimmers are key – mood lighting always helps controls the ambiance.

While the décor of your apartment is important when hosting, the absolute must-have item for any party (whether it’s for fondue dipping or cookie decorating) is a table where all can congregate to be together. No matter how big or small, narrow or tall your apartment may be, there is a table that will compliment your space. Visit dinette.com to browse a huge selection of dinette sets that allow you to stay on budget without sacrificing style.

Hungry for more or have a question you’d like to ask the expert directly? Stay up-to-date on all of Mr. Craig’s latest and greatest tips, and follow him on Twitter@dinetteguy.

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