Your Personal Magic Wand by KeratinPerfect

Do you believe in magic?  Like a wand, KeratinPerfect’s titanium-plated styling irons magically soften and smooth hair with just a few light strokes.  KeratinPerfectPass andKeratinPerfectLight Deluxe offer different choices for individual needs—both resulting in: Soft, Smooth, Silky and Frizz-Free hair.

Looking to speed up your style-time? The PerfectPass Extra-Long Titanium Speed Styler makes styling fast and easy thanks to its 5” long and 1” wide plates, which are perfect for smoothing, straightening, and curling larger sections of hair.  Hair holds its smoothness and style longer, thanks to a cutting-edge MCH technology that heats hair evenly from the inside out to prevent damage.


Pay attention to small sections with the PerfectLight Deluxe 1.5-inch Infrared Smoothing Iron.  The infrared technology distributes heat evenly to help prevent burning and damage to the hair while ionic technology omits millions of negative ions that seal the hair cuticle ensuring smoothness and shine.  This advanced science also reduces bacteria to refresh hair and remove odors with each pass of the iron.


Both irons have high-quality state-of-the art titanium plates, which heat evenly and help intensify shine by closing the cuticle for a smooth, glossy finish.   Digital controls allow you to see the exact temperature, ranging from low to 450°F, as different hair types require different heat settings (see temperature suggestions below), and also features “safety shutoff,” which automatically turn the iron off after 30 minutes.

KeratinPerfect recommends the following temperatures for each hair type:

Temperature                                     Hair Type

380F – 410F                                         Damaged, Double-Processed, Bleached, Gray or Fine

410F – 420F                                         Color-Treated, Chemically-Processed, or Highlighted

420F – 430F                                         Coarse, Resistant or Virgin Hair

**As for bangs, it is best to avoid ironing unless only heated to 190 degrees Fahrenheit, or you run the risk of sizzling and breaking the hair.

KeratinPerfect’s complete collection of At Home Smoothing products are available at Sephora stores nationwide and

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