Swatch’s Collaboration with Hideaki Kawashima

Meet "Little Miss" and "Little Mister"

Non-luxury watch designer, Swatch, has collaborated with Hideaki Kawashima on two unique watch designs. Each watch has their own distinct features. One is a female and the other, a male. They are both designed with piercing eyes and luscious lips. Their names are “Little Miss” and “Little Mister.” Consumers will distinct each one by their gender specific colors. However, you can wear either watch no matter what your gender.

This is just the beginning of collaborations for the watch company. Since their conception in 1984, Swatch has worked with visual artists such as Kiki Picasso, Ivan Navarro, Alfred Hofkunst, and Mimmo Rotella. They are now committing themselves to work with more contemporary artists from around the globe. The first two designs are part of the Art & Fashion Collection.

Hideaki Kawashima was born in 1969 in Aichi, Japan. His art includes images of women who are both enigmatic and tender. He started creating female faces and form by using a palette of pale acrylic paint. He would typically construct those images on canvas instead of drawing paper. Kawashima rather has his work speak for itself than speak for it in his interviews. His work has been shown at prestigious galleries and exhibits in Japan and around the globe.

Hideaki Kawashima explains his design inspirations:

“When I designed these two wrist watches, I envisaged them having the character of a strange creature entwining around one’s arm, just like someone’s loving pet. Let’s say these are your ‘Little Mister and Little Miss’! I do hope you will like them.”

Now lovers of his art, of Swatch, or both can get their hands on an one-of-kind watch. View the Pink Wraith and the Blue Wraith at the Swatch website.

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