The Case of the Five Inch Heels

Sexy high heel shoes only look cute when sitting.

I was at the mall this past Saturday. I wanted to go shoe shopping since I haven’t in a long time. It’s been over a year since I actually went shoe shopping.

It was then I realized the reason why I rarely go shoe shopping. I hate shoe shopping. For some unknown reason, it’s always hot in the shoe store. I don’t care if you’re shopping at Payless or DSW, it’s still hot! You have to take off your jacket, and sit on a puny bench to try on ten different types of shoes. If you’re wearing boots or sneakers with bulky socks, it can get frustrating to try shoes. Since it’s still cool in the Northeast, I didn’t have sandals on.

Anyway, this is not the reason that I wrote this post. I wanted to discuss the mystery of five-inch heels. They seem to be quite popular with celebrities, models, strippers, and women in general. I always read about how comfortable they actually are since most have a platform now. So, I had to take the test for myself.

As I walked down the aisles of DSW, I looked for a pair of women high heels to walk in. I noticed a cute pair of nude peep-toe pumps. I grabbed a box in my size. Unfortunately, they were in leopard, not nude. I tried them on anyway. I slipped my foot carefully in each shoe, trying not to fall over and break my neck. My feet weren’t screaming like I thought they would be.

I tried to walk back and forth, but I had a hard time. I felt like I was learning how to walk again. I read articles on how to walk in 5-inch heels, but the tips didn’t work out for me. (You have to roll the ball of your foot forward as you walk.) I felt like I felt as if I was going to fall flat on my face like Sandra Bullock did in Miss Congeniality.

I will admit that I loved how my denim skinny jeans looked with a pair of leopard peep-toe shoes. I can see why women wear jeans with a pair of five-inch heels. Still, I felt like an idiot because I didn’t know how to walk in them. I think I will stick with my sandals, boots, and tennis sneakers. I don’t need sexy looking feet; I just want to be comfortable.

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3 thoughts on “The Case of the Five Inch Heels

  1. Five inch heels have their time and place, and you’re probably right- it’s when sitting down! Or maybe for looking great in photos. Many women, however, wouldn’t go out in anything lower!


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