Discover a 200-Year-Old Geisha Secret with TATCHA

Young women can indulge in the beauty of TATCHA.
Image credit: Vimeo

The phrase–“mochi hada”–is Japanese for a geisha’s flawless skin. Ever wondered how they kept their skin so flawless? A ritual that’s over 200 years old has finally been discovered. TATCHA is the name for this simple four-step ritual. It keeps your skin soft, supple, and polished. Priced at $395, the discovery kit may be too expensive for most of my little gurus. You can still discover the secret by buying each of the products separately. I recently had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful gift of TATCHA.

Step One – Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil, $48

This cleanser removes all traces of makeup without leaving your skin dry. All you need is 1 to 2 pumps. This clear cleanser foams up into a nice lather. My skin instantly felt soft and moisturized.

Step Two – Polished Rice Enzyme Powders, $65

These powders exfoliate without hurting your skin. It’s the perfect kind for sensitive or acne-prone skin. They have different kinds: classic, gentle, and deep. The deep powders give you a cooling sensation as you rub it into a creamy foam. I’m obsessed with these powders. They’re the perfect way to polish your skin without hurting it.

Step Three – Radiant Brightening Serum,$150

This serum helps rid of future and existing age spots. It can also remove sunspots and acne spots. For it to take effect, use it morning and night all over your face. Spots will disappear between 4 to 8 weeks of use.

Step Four – Supple Moisture Silk Cream, $150

This cream is also my favorite. It leaves your skin moisturized while it promotes your skin’s natural hyaluronic acid synthesis. It’s lightweight to use day and night. I prefer using it at night. I love that it doesn’t feel heavy, and that it doesn’t leave a strong scent.

Optional – Beauty Papers, $12 to $30

TATCHA also have beauty papers for those with oily or acne-prone skin. This will save your face during those hot summer days. Just swipe one across your face when you feel you’re perspiring. They come in a beautiful packet that you can slip into your purse or tote bag.

The TATCHA ritual is available for three skin types: normal, dry skin, and combination skin. You can also get a mini kit for $49, if you can’t afford the larger kit. Find these amazing products and more at the TATCHA website.

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