The colors of the rainbow.
Courtesy of Swatch

Swatch’s ever-growing global fan base desires and deserves a constantly changing choice of watches to adorn the most on-trend wrists worldwide. Ensuring these enthusiasts are regularly stimulated and surprised is, of course, extremely important to the iconic Swiss watch and jewellery maker, evidenced by the regular unveiling of new Swatch collections which always disclose dynamic details, cool colours, fun-packed fashionability and stunning styles.

Chrono Plastic is no exception to the sky-high standard long-established by Swatch. Produced to the finest levels of technical excellence, demonstrating the attention to detail and innovation that characterizes all Swatch products, this collection of ten new watches boasts a sumptuous and ‘must-have’ selection of soft hues and hot colours all designed to delight in different ways.
Combining the sleek mix of solid plastic and silicone – with which Swatch has famously revolutionized the world of watch-making – each time piece within the Chrono Plastic collection asserts a dynamic visual statement in its own right. The ten watches are offered in a versatile palette of either classic and restrained black, light brown, grey, anthracite or white, as well as more fiercely eye-popping colours such as orange, red, blue, bright pink and light blue. Furthermore, to create double-the-impact, all the watches feature crisply printed digits upon their dials, in colours that contrast subtly or dramatically with the overall shades used throughout the 42mm diameter cases and straps.

Fantastically-plastic and ultra-modern, the Chrono Plastic collection proposes numerous ways in which different moods – whether calm, sporty, urban or extrovert – can be expressed with different colours resonating from the latest designs created by Swatch.
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