Questions to Ask Your Hair Stylist

This is an old article that I wrote on Suite101 before they got rid of their writers and changed their look. I was going to post it on my Examiner page, but it doesn’t fit in since I write fashion news. Hopefully these tips will help my little gurus!

Photo by Feeling Lost/tumblr

You may feel excited to get a new hair style. It could be time for a change. On the other hand, it can be downright terrifying to get a new hair cut. Most women are protective of their hair. If you need a new style, then you should arm yourself with a handful of questions. Not only should you ask questions about your desired hair style, but also you should ask about the maintenance of your hair. By listening to your stylist and paying attention to how she styles your hair, you can learn how to achieve that salon look at home. You should also learn what not to say to your hair stylist.

Will this new hair style look good on me?

Chances are, you brought in a picture of a celebrity hair style that you desire. But what may be popular may not look good on your head. Instead, choose a hair style that flatters your face, bone structure and your features. The ideal hair style should play upon your best features, while downplaying your least favorite features. If the hair style is not ideal for you, ask your stylist what kind of style you should go for. As a last resort, your stylist can incorporate some of the cut to tailor your face.

Is this hair style hard to maintain?

If you are a curly go who wants to go straight, you may have difficulty maintaining at home. A dramatic new style may seem ideal at the moment, but how are you going to maintain it? Tell your stylist how much time and effort you are willing to put into your new style. If you are a girl who is constantly on a go, it would be best to suggest an easy and effortless haircut. A versatile hair style is also best for when you want to wash and go or want to blow it out for special occasions.

How should I style my hair?

Ask your hair stylist for a hands-on lesson before you leave the salon. It is also best if you pay attention to how your stylist straightens your hair. Remember, she or he can see the angles of your hair that you cannot. This could be the reason why your hair looks poufy or frizzy whenever you attempt to blow dry it straight. If you have really thick hair, your stylist may suggest that you use a flat iron. Ask your hair stylist to show you how to properly use a flat iron. Not only will this help you maintain a sleek look, but it prevents you from causing major damage.

What are the best hair products for my type?

Using the right products for your hair makes a world of difference. If your hair stylist has tended to your hair for some time, chances are that she or he knows your hair type. Be careful of the stylists who push their line of products upon you during each appointment. It is obvious that you can achieve a salon look without your stylist’s products. Last, you should also know your hair and what products work best for it. It is always best to stick with what you know.

Never Say These Words to Your Stylist

You should never say, “Cut it however you want it.” Chances are, you will end up with a cut that is too short or one that you do not like. One of the biggest mistakes women can make is not having an idea of what they want in a hair cut. Look through magazines or photos of hairstyles online. Search for pictures of popular celebrity hair styles. Share the pictures with your hairstylist, even if you do not have a cut in mind. Your stylist can use the picture to create a style that is right for you.

Now, you are ready to take your questions to your hair stylist. Remember, never let the stylist take over the appointment. Ask questions and suggest what kind of style you would like. Just because the stylist suggests a certain length for your hair, does not mean you should like it. Show how much you want taken off your hair. If your stylist starts cutting away at your hair, stop him or her. You have to live with your style, not your stylist.

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