Ask the Guru: Camp Jackets

“Camp Jacket”
Photo by MalinCake/

Dear Guru:

How long are camp jackets (womens) likely to be in fashion for? Just bought one and I’m having second thoughts.

- K

Dear K:

I had to Google camp jackets, as I never heard of them before. My results included puffy winter jackets and camo coats. Camoflage is not really in right now. You’ll notice that in the retail stores.

However, puffy jackets are always in for the winter. They’re a necessity when you’re living in a colder climate. Retail stores are always wearing these types of jackets. Plus, they’re extremely versatile. You can wear them with a t-shirt and jeans, or a sweater and leggings. I just wouldn’t wear one with evening wear.

If I’m wrong, please let me know. If you’re not completely sure, read about how to find the right coat. This can save you time from browsing through the countless jackets and coats at the store.

I’m always willing to help!

Good luck and happy New Year!

- The Guru

P.S. If you have any fashion or beauty questions, ask here.

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