Bella Il Fiore Metallic Cosmetic Bag Collection


Bella Il Fiore recently came out with a new metallic cosmetic bag collection. It comes in three different sizes and three different colors. Choose either size or color for whatever your needs.

The cosmetic bag collection comes in light pink, silver, and gold. They look great with anything in your wardrobe. Use the small, medium, or large size for going out or storing your makeup.

All of the bags are completely versatile. The small size doubles as an evening bag. Use the large size for throwing into your carry-on bag.

The Bella Il Fiore metallic cosmetic bags range from $13 to $19. This company believes in maintaining your everyday beauty regimen while looking as fabulous as possible. They have feminine products that are also trendy and giftable.

Visit the Bella Il Fiore website or check out the metallic cosmetic bag collection¬†at the following link. There are plenty of other products you’ll love, even if these don’t suit your style. I’m going nuts for their makeup palettes.


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