vie de Bohème

Pronunciation: /ˌvē də bōˈem


(usually la vie de Bohème)
An unconventional or informal way of life, especially as practiced by an artist or writer.

Fisheye of Martha's Vineyard's gingerbread houses in Oak Bluffs

The Fashion Guru Blog originated on Nov. 8, 2008 as a blog simply about fashion. I jokingly called myself “the fashion guru” because I could spot out next season’s trends and styles. Now, it’s transformed into a lifestyle site for young women who want to live “vie de Bohème”, no matter if they live in Phoenix, the Upper East side, or in Cincinnati. I have grown with this blog over the years, and I hope my readers will do the same. 
Here’s some info about me:
  • My name is Chanél and I live in Massachusetts. (In my head, I live in a huge beach house in Cape Cod.)
  • I’m currently a freelance fashion writer and blogger. I’ve been a writer for the past six years. I mostly write for private clients and media sites.
  • My personal style is carefree and bohemian. I try to evoke that spirit into everything I wear whether it’s a paisley print tunic, tie dye sunglasses or a bright mod trench coat.
  • My style icons are Nicole Richie, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Taylor Swift, Dianna Agron, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly.
  • Even though I love writing and fashion, I majored in healthcare administration.
  • I love music. It’s my favorite form of entertainment, even more than movies or TV shows.
  • I also enjoy reading about celebrity gossip and pop culture topics.
  • My favorite holiday is Halloween.
  • I could live off Greek and Mediterranean food.
  • I love fall and pumpkin flavored everything. Yes, I am that girl.
  • I’m a health nut. I love eating healthy and I enjoy working out.
  • Batman is  my favorite superhero.
  • I want to live out my childhood dream about being an author.
  • I am working on an edgy young adult series about a group of teens who discover they’re witches as they deal with real life situations. I hope to publish the first book later this year.

(Please excuse my blog as it undergoes some changes.)

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