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40 thoughts on “Ask

  1. I will be attending a wedding in December in Texas. It is not typical fancy wedding but more casual. What type of dress should I look for?


  2. i’ve been thinking about changing my style to classic/punk. can u give me some advice on how to do that, and what type of clothes, accessories, hairstyles, etc, i would need?


  3. Dear Fashion Guru;

    I have lost my identity. I will be 50 soon, and can not for the life of me, know what to wear and what would look good on someone my age. Even my hair is giving me problems. I don’t want to look and dress old but I also don’t want to wear something to young for me either. I hate this feeling of confusion! Please help.


  4. i have an event coming up and ill be wearing a grey dress with grey sandals (heels) and black tights. Is it okay if i wear the black tights with the sandals? Or will it look odd? Thank you.


  5. Hello Chanél!

    I follow your blog and was wondering if you could help me out as i don;t have any fashionable girlfriends to turn to.

    I have a benefit/charity even to attend this saturday, and I would like to wear this dress

    I will probably switch the belt for a wider one. But not too sure about the tights. I have a few ideas 1. grey opaque tights with balck patent leather shoes possibly peeptoes, or 2. black opaque tights with red pumps.

    I’m not to daring but would like to add some color to the outfit, I’m just not sure how to put it all together. PLEASE HELP!!!
    TIA! Feel free to post this quest. to your blog if you’d like.


  6. Hello,

    I just recently bought one of those shirts that have a built in necklace, and my boyfiend (who considers himself up on the latest fashion but really is not) says it’s horrible, What is your opinion on the built in necklace. The shirt is a deep purple sleeveless silk blouse that would be worn with jeans and heels


  7. hi
    alyce crawford from Australia’s next top model worn and out fit to the celo bachelour of the year event last year

    the skirt i think its sass and bide can you tell me what it called and who the designer is

    description: black high waisted, with what appears to be suspenders, a sash with a pendant

    thank you


  8. hey, its my prom in a few months i have a long flowy red dress (not poofy at all) and a silver clutch with silver roses i was wonder what colour shoes i should get i was thinking silver or nude but i dont know, help!?


  9. What is your opinion on tee shirts with text on them? I’m writing for a marketing blog and wanted a fashion angle. The tee shirt in question is pink with white bold font saying “ARKA” on one line, and “NSAS” on the line below. Its horrible for marketing, and I’m sure fashion as well. Your opinion is much appreciated.


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  13. hi,
    I would really need an advice at the moment…
    I am looking for a dress to wear on xmas’s eve party and I really loved 3 types of dresses and I really need a suggestion of what will be to most appropriate.

    dress1… Miss Selfridge body con dress white, chiffon dip hem skirt
    dress2…nude bodycon dress with black chiffon dip hem skirt
    dress3…gold sequin strapless dress with black chiffon skirt

    Ps… can we dress white for xmas eve or nye??


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  17. Hi Fashion Guru! I stumbled upon your blog for the first time in an attempt to look for someone who can answer my query which is.. is there anything I can do to ‘formalize’ a casual dress. You see, I will be attending a ball in less than a week and I don’t have a ball dress or a formal dress for it still, so I’m thinking if it’s okay or ‘forgiveable’ for me to wear a rather casual black dress to it so I’m thinking maybe if I can do anything for it to be formal event worthy? If not, could you suggest anything?

    This is the dress, btw :)

    I hope I can get a reply soon. Thanks for your help! :) :)


  18. The Guru,

    I have two serious fashion issues that I could really use your help with. I am 23 years old and I have a 3 year old daughter. My fiance (her father) and I are very happy and we have a wonderful life. My first problem is this: when I walk down the street people look at me and I can see it in there eyes that they are saying “Look young girl walking around with that little baby! She can’t be more then 16 and the child has to be at least 3! Children having children! What is wrong with the world?” I also know the reason I get these looks. I have had the same wardrobe since I was 16. Of course I look like a 16 year old, I’m dressing like one! I need a total revamp on my wardrobe but shopping has never been my thing. I have never been good at picking clothing that is age appropriate. I want to look “sexy” for my fiance, but also look like a responsible mother, and a professional young lady. My second problem relates to my fiance. His wardrobe could really use a revamp. I would like him to have some cloths that he can wear when we go out to dinner, or to big family events. I would like for him to have cloths that are more fitting for him. The problem is if he doesn’t like them, he won’t wear them and taking him shopping is impossible. He never likes anything I pick out. If you could help me I would be extremely appreciative! Thank you so much!



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